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When werewolves took over the world and because it’s supreme rulers, human women aged 18 to 35 were locked away in dungeon, forced to become sex slaves to make werewolves who failed to find their mates. Once a woman is chosen by a werewolf, she becomes their possession for the rest of her life.

Human sex slave Sarah Fibb has been in the dungeons for five years. After languishing there for so long, she has lost hope of ever being chosen by a werewolf. But one night, something strange happens: she is claimed by Damon Kalesto, the Alpha King.

Damon Kalesto is a ruthless Alpha King. He rules by instilling fear in everyone around him. He doesn’t believe in love or fate, so he’s convinced he will not succumb to the mate bond. But all it takes is one look for him to fall madly in love with Sarah Fibb.

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